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By W. McNair

     The start of a New Year is a time of reflection and renewal. Many reflect on the previous year’s events while preparing for the New Year’s possibilities. With an unprecedented year like we had in 2020, people are excited to see what the future holds. Many believe that 2021 must be better than 2020. Therefore, let us make this year a time to renew aspirations and hopes once held before the onset of the pandemic, protests, and presidency. Those who have remained steadfast have not allowed the events of 2020 to deter them from their previous goals. Perhaps, you were negatively impacted throughout last year. If so, allow those experiences to propel you into a fresh start this year. Although life has temporarily been put on hold, God’s plans for you are still right on time. The way forward is not to look behind and perish, but focus on the great things God still has in your future.

     As we enter 2021, the need to draw close to God is more relevant than ever. Last year when churches began having virtual services, congregants were forced to take a greater responsibility for their relationship with God. It was a year that resembled when the children of Israel had to shut in their homes until the plague passed over. While we have had to draw back from our normal way of life, we have had an opportunity to shut in and draw closer to God. One way to do this is to renew our minds with God’s Word.

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As we fill our minds with His truths, our lives will begin to exemplify these same truths. Leslie White (2020) in an article entitled “21 Life Lessons From the Book of Proverbs” describes ways to exercise God’s word in our daily lives. As a part of our renewal, take time to meditate on excerpts from these 21 lessons for 2021.

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