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The Corona Virus

By W. McNair

It seems as though overnight, the United States has come to a near halt because of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. This is a strand of viruses that are found in animals. In December, a Chinese scientist named Leo Poon found that it may have transferred from animals to humans. As it quickly spread throughout China and other parts of Asia, it eventually appeared in the United States in January.

Now the international numbers are nearing 500,000 of those with the virus with over 18,000 deaths. What experts are saying is that most people will recover. However, the elderly and those with underlying health issues may be hospitalized and even die. In the United States, there are over 50,000 with coronavirus and over 600 deaths. The United States is third in the world for the total number of cases.


Many people are experiencing quarantines, whether self-induced or mandated by their local governments. The President and his team of experts have set guidelines for the general public to follow with their local governments enforcing specific requirements to ensure that the spread of the virus stays at a minimum. I believe that this time can be best spent strengthening our relationship with God through prayer, meditating on His Word, and self-reflection of how we can become more mature sons and daughters of our Lord. Also, take this time get to know your family members a little more by praying as a family unit and verbally communicating and enjoying some "downtime" with them.


While you are practicing "social-distancing," below are 25 of 100 fun things to do during this time as recommended by


1. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better! Feeling extra saucy? Take on a Rubik's Cube. More of a word person? Crossword puzzle!

2. Start a journal or blog. Sure, it can be about the coronavirus, but it could also be about a specific interest from chess to cheese. 

3. If it won't bother your neighbors: Dust off that old instrument and practice.
4. Text all your exes just in case you have one more thing you wanted to get off your chest.

5. Write poetry. Perhaps you can craft a haiku for Mother's Day, or something without a specific structure. Just try it!

6. Watch all the really long movies you’ve avoided until now.

7. Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language.
8. Finally read “Infinite Jest,” “Les Miserables” or even “The Stand.” Go all in and read “Ulysses.” You got this. 

9. Meditate. Try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and while focusing on your breath. Or spend 20 minutes sitting crosslegged and repeat a soothing word to yourself in your head. (The latter is more like transcendental meditation.)

10. Face masks, moisturizer, oh my! Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal work week.

11. Look at pictures of puppies.

12. Put together the most attractive charcuterie board possible, but you can only use foods you already have in your fridge and cupboard.

13. Take note from "Tangled" star Rapunzel, who has an entire song about how she's spent her days alone in a castle. Activities included in her ditty: Ventriloquy, candle-making, papier-mâché and adding a new painting to her gallery.

14. Write actual letters to family and friends. After that? Write thank-you notes to service people who you remember went out of their way for you.

15. Learn calligraphy. YouTube can help.

16. Finally read the rules to those long and intense board games you've never played with the family. Encourage the family to play.

17. Put on a soap opera. Mute the sound. Create your own dialogue.

18. Have a space in your home where all of the tupperware goes? Organize it and actually match lids to containers.

19. Try on all your clothes and determine whether they “spark joy” á la Marie Kondo.

20. Better yet, go through this process with your junk drawer and supply shelves. 

21. Have a roommate meeting about how to be more considerate of one other, especially while you will likely be spending more time together. Bring baked goods.

22. Bake those goods.

23. Watch the films that won Oscars for best picture.

24. Watch films that won Independent Spirit Awards for best picture. 

25. Watch films that critics say should have won those aforementioned awards.

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